Hidden tactics that are messing up your results

14 September 2019 - Articles

Cravings are almost impossible to resist. When you get in the mind of the marketing team, you start to understand why.   While everyone is seemingly trying to reduce their consumption of sugary food, which is the usual suspect for the growing obesity pandemic, candy bar manufacturers have responded by reducing the size of their […] Read more

Push/pull split

7 September 2019 - Articles

There is the traditional antagonist split where you pair up two opposing muscle groups like back and chest. There is also the old school way like on one day, you do all the pushing: chest, shoulders, triceps, and quads. Then the next day, you get all the pulling exercises: back, biceps, traps, and hamstrings. A […] Read more

Front squats or back squats?

7 September 2019 - Articles

Yes, the mother of all exercises is the squat, there is no denying it. Actually, if you were stuck on an island and could do only one exercise, squats would be it. It’s a full bodybuilder and if you manipulate the reps, rest period and bar placement, you can generate impressive results. Which leads me […] Read more

Cardio Myths

31 August 2019 - Articles

While on vacation, sitting peacefully at the beach, I try to tune out the conversations around me although at times, I find them very entertaining none the least. We can get a full grasp of why people can’t reach their goals since they seem to believe anybody who are giving their two cents about any […] Read more