Boulder shoulders

19 July 2019 - Articles

The shoulder complex is the most mobile of all joints. You can lift your arm forward, to the side and back, and can also make big circles. Since it is involved in almost every bodybuilding component and movements, it might require a little more creativity to hit them well and get the rewards of “boulder […] Read more

Stronger abs

14 July 2019 - Articles

Abdominals are made to be strong, but you can’t start with the toughest abs exercise and expect to ace it right away. Like any type of exercise, there is a progression needed, from the easiest to the toughest versions.   Take the regular floor crunches as an example.   Level 1 Arms lying on your […] Read more

Breakfast in 5 minutes.

7 July 2019 - Articles

Breakfast is probably the most neglected meals of the day. Most people can’t find the time to eat a healthy breakfast that can give a kick of energy to their day. It is a well-known fact that eating a protein rich breakfast can have a tremendous impact on your day, especially on your energy level. […] Read more

Progress or lack of? How to auto evaluate yourself?

7 July 2019 - Articles

The best form of evaluation is to see progress in every workout. Unfortunately, for every 10 workouts, there will be four in which you’ll suck hard, two considered “ok” by overall standards, three amazing one’s and one that you’ll probably miss.   Even though you might think you are not progressing, there is a few […] Read more