If you want to be a lion, train like lions.

20 March 2019 - Articles

I am always flabbergasted when I see an amateur or ‘’weekend’’ warrior come and ask me for a program while expecting to get crazy results in record time. My reputation might be to blame, but I am quick to remind them all the sacrifices they need to expect before starting anything.   Do not expect […] Read more

Make a plan and go!

16 March 2019 - Articles

What are the two main reasons why people fail any endeavor they choose to pursue? A lack of defined goals and personalized plan!   “I want to lose weight”, “I want abs” or “I want to get back in shape”. These goals could not be more vague. Losing weight? Losing weight is easy, losing fat […] Read more

Is lifting weights safe for my kids? Will it stunt their growth?

13 March 2019 - Articles

Question of the week “Is lifting weights safe for my kids? Will it stunt their growth?’’   I’m a strong believer that young kids must first dive in many sports. Each one of them brings different strength: coordination, team or individual play, tactics, new movement patterns, etc. For me, early sport specialization is the worst […] Read more

Not so usual suspects of weight gain

9 March 2019 - Articles

1. Sleep! I know, the subject always comes back. We are starting to get used to it. Not that unusual right? Unfortunately, it still is the main issue most people fail to prioritize! First, set the mood prior to bed. Leave all electronics away! You have no idea how social media or blue screen time […] Read more

Get to know Lisa Forman – Coach & National Figure Competitor

7 March 2019 - Articles

Get to know the ATP Lab supplement brand and the athletes who represent our lifestyle through our exclusive interviews.   ABOUT THE ATHLETE I’m a new mom and a retired Canadian National Figure Competitor. I am a certified personal fitness coach and health nutritionist. My main field of knowledge and interest is Hormonal Health and Weight Loss. […] Read more

Are late night snacks that bad for you?

6 March 2019 - Articles

A lot of old school bodybuilders buy into the idea of “night catabolism,” or losing muscle mass while you sleep. Unless you want your liver to work overtime on digestion instead of resting and regenerating, late night snacking can sabotage your results more than improve your gains. Easily digested, high quality foods are the best […] Read more